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Our Team

The J Newman Corp. comprises of an eclectic team of professionals who come from varied backgrounds and bring invaluable skill-sets to the table. With many years of rich experience in investment banking, strategy, accountancy, consulting and industry analysis, they are the tour-de-force of this firm.

Our Team is committed to be as involved in our client's business as we would like in ours

The Investment team includes of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who have been assigned responsibilities that complement their forte.



Jack Newman

Jack has a master’s degree in international law.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in Private Equity markets, emerging market transactions and project management. He is a respected specialist in private equity and venture capital funds, IPO’s, privatizations, stock offers, mergers and acquisitions.


Jonathan Fournier

Jonathan holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology.

Through his multiple trips to Asia, the Middle East and Europe, he has gained extensive experience and expertise in joint ventures and law, acquisitions, private equity and start-ups.

His lively thinking allows him to easily manage novelty and unforeseen events. Great ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Ville Coucher De Soleil Paysage

Founders J. Newman Asia


Jason Mishan

Founder of J. Newman Asia

Jason has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Specializing in corporate optimization and taxation. First weapon in the nation startup, and eventually living there.

David Kim_edited_edited.jpg

David Kim

Co-Founder of J. Newman Asia and Journalist

Working at the "Seoul Media Center" and in broadcasting the Korean economy, David graduated from Konkuk University.

He also worked in the US stock market with investors.
Over the years, David has gained extensive experience for stock exchange citizens.

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