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When we look at the world, Israel represents one of the most dynamic centers of technological progress without forgetting also our European roots  J. Newman Corp. will harness the best ideas and products from the Israeli and European tech sector to help companies and executives access markets in North America and Asia. J Newman is a holding company that represents companies offering innovative technologies, friends of   the environment, and for whom the planet Matters. 

Our playground is Canada and South Korea. The world is the summit to reach with talented and inspiring partners​

J. Newman Corp. strives to bring a new, high-value approach to the technology investment ecosystem as we identify, invest, develop and commercialize select technology assets and platforms


Our Approach

Identify a promising, highly reliable, bankable and robust company with a dynamic management team at the helm, passionate about their growth.


Identify hitherto unexplored and untapped markets that offer great growth opportunities, with an open focus on identifying the target audience, thus establishing efficient distribution channels and improving the brand capital of the company.


Adopt the latest technologies and services to help our customers add incremental value to their customers.

Sector 01
Financial services
Sector 02
Media & Technology
Sector 03
Health services
Sector 04
Alternative energies
Sector 05
Industrial and commercial services
Sector 06
Real Estate
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