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Welcome to J Newman Corp., the catalyst for renewable energy innovation in Canada. As custodians of the energy future, we proudly represent a constellation of passionate start-ups, united by our commitment to sustainability and our shared vision of a cleaner energy future.

Our foundation is built on core values ​​such as integrity, enthusiasm and honesty. These principles guide every action we take, from the meticulous selection of partners to the strategic choices that shape our portfolio of companies.

Join us in leading the way to a world powered by clean energy, where environmental responsibility meets technological excellence.

Our Approach

Our vision aligned with COP28 is guided by the principle that every action counts. We strive to create lasting partnerships and innovative initiatives that not only reduce our carbon footprint, but pave the way for a new energy era.

We invest heavily in pioneering start-ups that are pushing the frontiers of clean energy. From solar to wind to emerging technologies, our diverse portfolio is shaped to catalyze an unprecedented energy transition in Canada.

By joining forces with the most forward-thinking companies in the sector, we are determined to play a vital role in achieving the goals of COP28. By inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration and demonstrating complete transparency, we are shaping the future of renewable energy in Canada.

Through this holistic approach, we seek to build a portfolio of clean energy start-ups that not only contribute to the transformation of our energy system, but also inspire change at scale. Together we can shape a cleaner, greener and more sustainable energy future.

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Circular Energies
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Disruptive Technologies
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Renewable energy
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