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Welcome to
J. Newman Corp.
Our Philosophy

Our planet is important for us. 

From pollution, results the destruction or degradation of an ecosystem. It has important effects on our health and in the biosphere. As for global warming, it transforms the climate of the Earth and its ecosystem, causing the appearance of diseases unknown until now.


We believe that the greatest challenges the world will face in the years to come will be overcrowding, the lack of resources (water,raw materials,oil..) from pandemics of all kinds, ranging from known diseases to new unknowns, pollution of various kinds (chemical, air. water, food..)

For all these reasons, we tend to invest in a progressive energy transition, gradually leading to a more sustainable and less polluting economy. A greener Economy!

Our Values

J Newman has 4 Key Values

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Heart and hands
Gold Chakra
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There is no honour without fidelity, of our loyalty that derives from it, to some of its ideals and those who share them. Our faithfulness symbolizes the need to keep our promises and fulfill our commitments. It requires sincerity in words and deeds. Because of it,we always aim for higher heights with our partners and associates.


Righteousness breeds respect for others and from others. Knowing how to treat people and things with deference and respect helps prevent serious quarrels and conflicts. We work together effectively with our colleagues and partners by acting with care and consideration to build cohesive relationships. We value each individual's contribution.


We apply the highest ethical,moral and professional standards of conducts in all our undertakings. We believe result matter, but how we achieve those results also matters.


We respond in optimal ways to challenges and remain focused on our mission to safeguard the wealth of the world and future generations by creating long-term value in our investments.

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